Oops, we need to redirect you

So sorry about that, you were probably trying to reach a link on my blog before I moved it to a self-hosted, static home. It was on Blogger with a custom domain before...

tl;dr: click here:

Here's what we can do about it

Want some more options? I'll try to see if I can help you out.

Go to old blog

First, you can try to see if you can reach the article at my old blog, which is still archived at blogger.

Try this link: http://bedagainstthewall.blogspot.com/p/palettestealersuspender.html (come back if it doesn't work)...

Google search

No dice? Maybe a Google search for the article title ("palettestealersuspender") you were trying to reach can help out... It might be that Google is still busy updating its links though (which means you'll eventually end up here again).

Visit the new site

You shouldn't be visiting the old URL anyway, that one is so outdated, you know? Why not go to the home page of the new blog and see if you can find some content to peruse. We have archives, and all posts are migrated over.

Breaking URLs is bad and I should feel bad

Therefore, why not message me at @macuyiko and ask me where to find the content... or just tell me that I should do better URL redirecting. Heck, there are probably XSS flaws in this simple page as well.

— Seppe "Macuyiko" vanden Broucke